We’re building an inward bound hub of info, resources and services to help you build a solid bridge from school to your just right work, work you really care about; a bridge that begins and ends with YOU.

We’re not talking about just getting a job; that’s old and tired thinking that’s boring and totally unsatisfying. You’re in school, for goodness sake; you enrolled and you’re dragging your body, mind and spirit here each week for a reason and it’s not just to land another job.

Regardless of why you said YES to signing up, and regardless of whether that YES was prompted by some deep internal desire to move yourself forward or you were goaded and nudged by someone who had good intentions, you’re here. And while you’re here you might as well make it work for you.

Ease up on the shoulds

That’s what it’s all about, right, making it all work for you? It should be. Oops, I said “should” and that’s not a good start; I’m really going to try to avoid this six letter going forward.

The word “should” is heavy with pressure and obligation, and our focus and efforts through BrijBrand are to steer you away from the pressure and obligations laid upon you via cultural messages, parental dictates, and other well-meaning external voices that may find it difficult to celebrate your inner wisdom and ability to decide for yourself which direction to take.

The truth is: you’re really the only YOU expert!


We’re sick and tired of watching students and the caring adults invested in their success buy into the defunct promises of higher education.

Some students get what they came for and more, which is great, while many don’t.

Academia has shamelessly boarded the big business train where many students’ hopes and dreams become collateral damage in exchange for large amounts of student debt and their less than ideal work.

The bottom line is that we believe you’ve been duped. I was duped as a college student, too.

When you sign up for college, the idea is that you’re going to spend four or more years expanding your education (chances are high you’re just learning how to be a good student); so you can secure that coveted college degree (chances are high that that beautifully framed piece of paper may or may not hold the value you hoped); then get on with your great job (chances are high that it won’t be in your field of interest); making great pay (chances are high you won’t secure the salary promised so you can begin paying off that big college debt); doing great things (chances are high you won’t secure the job you imagined) as you seize the American Dream (which I would argue, is probably not even your dream).

That’s a grim paragraph, right? But, this is what’s happening to so many students. I’m SO tired of hearing about it, aren’t you? And, frankly, it hurts my heart.

American dream

The American Dream isn’t my dream and I bet its not yours either (a post is coming soon on this topic).

The social landscape has changed  in so many ways, for so many reasons. Many of the students who saunter about on college campuses across the country desire a heck of a lot more in life than accumulating tons of money and large houses filled with stuff. We all desire money and stuff, but perhaps not to the same degree, importance and/or buy in as the boomer generation.

Many of you have watched your parents strive and work their asses off to the demise of their relationships with each other, with you and with themselves, for what, more stuff, more money, more prestige? Neither of which you can take with you when they tuck you in that dark, beautiful coffin and drop you in the ground, or from an ornate urn, scatter your ashes into the ocean.

When your eyelids close for the last time in this life, what kind of footprint do you want to leave, what do you want your legacy to be, what kind of dent do you want to leave in the world because you were here?

Our unique perspective

Robbi was an enthusiastic member of the academic establishment who taught for several years and loved it, and she still frequents campuses – interacting with students via crucial conversations and workshops.

The other half of their dynamic duo, Kathryn, still roams the halls daily and supports students at the third largest university in Georgia.

The mission we’ve chosen to accept

Our intention is to tackle lots of delicious topics. And, we’re interested in what you think about what’s happening in your personal and professional worlds – college, home, relationships, politics (this is quite the scandalous presidential campaign, eh?), and anything else that impacts your successful transition from college to your “just right” work. Which will all serve as a foundation on which to build something even bigger.

Just right work?

When I say “just right” work, think back to Goldilocks and the Three Bears for just a minute. Remember the story? When she tried the porridge, the chairs, and the beds until she found the one that was just right for her?

We’re going to share more about your just right work, what this means, and some suggestions around how to find and/or create it. It’s going to become one of our ongoing themes.

For now, know that our intention here is to delve into some of the real challenges you face in college and help you find some real solutions, and explore some proven strategies to help you successfully transition into your just right work and desired lifestyle, which may mean taking a detour from the typical route.

Chatting it up 

We’ve been chatting with and will continue to have cool conversations with current and recently graduated college students around the country about your needs, wants, destinations, reasons, what you care about, how you want to do things, what kind of help you need, etc. We’re even creating a Student Board of Directors to help us out.

And, we’re committed to identifying the gaps and potholes in our current, antiquated school to work approach.

Don’t get me wrong, the situation is not all bad, but when many students are graduating with a shitload of debt and unsatisfying work (if any work at all) one to three years out or more, that’s not cool.

There’s a more effective approach that starts and ends with YOU, and we’re going to get better and better at helping you find and create it. And, we hope you’ll get more and more comfortable with and trust us to help you do your best to help yourself.

This has to be a collaborative effort or it’s not going to work. We’re building for YOU, this isn’t about us. Will we experience some joy, satisfaction and fulfillment along the way? Absolutely. But, that’s what we want for you, too, sooner rather than later.

Let’s connect

Share your stories, your challenges, your hopes and dreams, and tell others about our mission to help you and your fellow students across the country get what you desire.

We promise to partner with you and help you get unstuck, get out of your own way, get focused and get what where you’ve always wanted. We’ll encourage, inspire and show you how to start with YOU and build a bridge to your desired lifestyle and just right work. And, we WILL be successful, and so will you, IF you help us create something that is useful, insightful, informative, challenging and life-changing.

You are at the center of EVERYTHING we do! 


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