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Our intention is to help you sift and sort through the clutter; suggest creative strategies and disciplines to ease your stress and help you feel less overwhelmed; help you make some sweet connections; and share some proven and handy tools to use as you build a solid bridge over the sometimes turbulent waters and unexpected obstacles to YOUR desired lifestyle and just right work.

The BrijBrand Crew

LargerRobinAvatarLightBackgroundIf you decide to hang out in this hub we’re building for you, you’ll notice some themes: 1) I’m fascinated with the wacky world of work; 2) I’m not happy that students have been duped into believing that college is THE answer; and 3) I’m passionate about helping you learn the rules of these antiquated games, so you can circumvent them as best you can.

Robbi here! Just to warn you, I’m the verbose one of this dynamic duo. And, I’m also a GenXer who’s spent most of my worklife, since the tender age of 17, hopping from job to job. I’ve had over 60 job titles to date. Nope, not a typo, I said sixty.

This was considered career suicide during my first couple of decades in the workforce, but I didn’t care. When the excitement and challenge was gone, I was ready to go, too. And, I started plotting my exit strategy.

I’ve never not worked; I always knew I would find another job quickly. I’ve always been curious, adventurous and innovative. There have been times when I’ve worked up to four jobs at once.

Where’d that kind of ballsy confidence come from? I suppose my dad is to blame/thank. He loved driving an 18-wheeler (did it for over 35 years) and his work ethic was off the charts. He did his best to make sure ours was too!

I’ve worked in the corporate and non-profit sectors, in academia and built a few businesses. I’m way more comfy with renaissance woman, versus the jack of all trades label.

As part of the BB Crew, our mission is to create something really useful, meaningful, impactful and hopefully life-changing. Our intention is to help you build a bridge, not just to some job, based on what seems economically feasible; but a solid bridge to your just right work and your best life.

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LargerKSAvatarHi there, my name is Kathryn and I’m the original college drop out.

If that’s the case, then why am I writing on a college to career blog as part of The BridgeBrand Crew? Well, I’ve worked in Higher Ed for over 15 years and I’ve been in the work world since I was 19.

I found my passion early, I’ve been an assistant to someone for the past 30 years. I like being in a support position and darn it, I’m great at it! That’s not to say I haven’t had my share of management titles, but I prefer being in a supporting role.

Why should you take advice from me? Over my 15 years in higher education, I’ve seen students make the same mistakes over and over again.

Maybe they’re not ready to be in college. Many students are here because of their parents’ hopes and dreams for them. Sometimes students need a year or two at a community or technical school before coming to a large university. Throw in living away from home, managing their time, finances and school work and it can be overwhelming for many students.

My fantastic, fun partner and I hope to assist you in navigating the transition from college to your career of choice. Follow us for strategies, tips and techniques about how to build a bridge to your just right work!

Why are we doing this, what’s the point?  Read on . . .